Saturday, January 28, 2012

5 Things I really want to do, but...

3 catatan kumbang lain

1. Up top of the list is smoking. Yes i saw a couple of people smoking in public, one of whom i remember are the policeman, and some random friends. Theyre kinda cool dont you think? no matter how ugly the smoker really are,but once the cigarette buds placed in between their fingers, they look really awesome. Its more like a fashion to me.

But, smoking never do good to your body. It can brings hundreds of medical conditions, and become one of the major risk of developing cancer. YES? I can look cool if i smoke, but the risk i have to pay is DYING!!
Is there any fake cigarette available out there? maybe for those designed for fashion or casting. i would definitely get one if there are. *macam lah kau bergaya

2. get a nice hairstyle. This is pretty much inspired by my twin brother, who happen to study in France. He kind of a fashion-freak to me. He uses hundreds of hair, facial and all stuff related to self-care products (i dont really know what they are).

before this, i dont like the way he think about fashion, styles and self-care what so ever. Because its expensive. To me, its better to spend the money to buy books (muntah rainbow...=P), foods, and tech-thinggy rather than buying the products that promise you nothing but a temporary effects. But lately, suddenly comes to my mind that "ASRI, you are still young, dont wait until you get too old to appreciate your look".

so this is what i will do sometimes this year. If i can. If i still have the spirit i have right now. HaHa. maybe Aini can help me with this. LOL!

3. Since i have mention Aini. The next thing i wanna do is to drive her everywhere we go. for the last couple of months we have been together (although we have no specific date to have our anniversary yet), all the time, she become my boyfriend, drive me everywhere we go. I feel ashamed of telling this in my own blog. but nothing i can do about this, because i have no driving licence.

i want to take the driving class here, but it takes a serious amount of money. what is it, rm1000 maybe. She teach me to drive around UM a few times. but i dont know what makes it too difficult for me to drive a manual car. Maybe i need a consistent driving lessons, not just once a month.

but this week, my cousin lend me her myvi car. But this one is different coz its auto, you dont need to bother changing the gear, pijak clutch or what so ever, it really simple. Everyone knows this right. She told me, dont leave the car in the parking lot just like that, drive it once in a while. SO what i do is, i drove it around this Hospital where im staying. And after i have the confidence, i drove it to Andalas (a place right in front of the hospital), the next day, i have reachd Jaya Jusco bukit tinggi. Fuuhhh... I was super nervous for the first time, because i dont have a driving licence, i dont know what the hell will happen to me if i get into accident. Little by little, i build up my confidence.

so, this is what i really wanna do. But i dont have the licence yet. So i dont wanna get into trouble although i have the confidence in me now. its just too risky.

4. i have this idea for years now, it become nothing but just a dream. I want to travel. I love going to other places (you maybe never know this), enjoy staying there for a couple of days. take pictures of almost anything. Showing-off to my facebook friends that i have go to these place and that place.

but the problem now is that. I dont have money. Yaaa i do, JPA gave me rm6700 per semester, but god knows how expensive is the UM fees. All the money i have now is enough for foods, and maybe few movies in cinema ect ect. No Vacation for me yahh..

5. i want to get fit and have a nice body. maybe you have seen me, i have nothing interesting about my look. I have prominent jaw line what give me a spongebob kind of face, PLUS im too short for my age. If you arrange the guys in my class according to height, i would definitely in the bottom 5. HAHA So nothing soo spicy about me unless i get fit, 6-packs, biceps, or what so ever.

But...(haha there always a But in this post). But, I am too lazy. I tried to jog once when i was in UM last time, and i never get to DAY 3. I think maybe one day i can sign up for gym (do people use "sign up"?..haha i dont even know), or buy stuff for build up maybe. I dont know. This will of course involve money, so this will never happen.=P

thank you for reading!!