Saturday, October 08, 2011

respect each other, sounds simple, and it is simple

halllo there. its been a while. This is kind of like a knee-jerk reflex after someone text me 'update la blog, da berhabuk'. so here i am writing. Since i just done my first case report, so let the art of writing (typing??) continue. OK??

im not going to tell you guys what i have been through these few weeks - youre not asking either right??haha (particularly hows my surgical posting). Its depressing, and im not quite sure why. Its like a cumulative un-satisfactions of different kind of things, problems, self-esteem. This clinical posting should be the most interesting part as a medical student, i should be happy, it suppose to be fun and i should be excited. But im not excited as much.

im writing this post now to share u guys with one of my must-read blog (its like a must-read book of the month..haha). Dr. Pagalavan's. Sounds familiar? yup, he's quite famous after writing multiple post regarding malaysians medical issues, future doctors and stuffs. His post has spread in facebook and email since i know him from facebook,to be exact, in "notes" my friend tag me in. His blog has become my favorite since then.

This week, i read one of his post regarding Malaysian HO works like slaves.

just few words :
why is it so difficult for people to respect each other? To help one another?
Our country is well known of its culture, what to call that, "bersopan santun, bertolak ansur, bertoleransi ect ect". How come people in england or australia have more of these values compare to us?

let me tell you one story. Happen to me in the ward, on my second week in surgery posting.
Im still talking to a makcik with breast ca metastases to bone. While im still clerking, came one Pakistan specialist, ask me "are you medical student?", i said "yes?", then he said "get out!!".
watch your language gentleman, wheres your manners? (im not saying these by the way, i were just leave)

He probably want to consult the mak cik for the surgical procedure or whatsoever. so he need himself alone with the makcik. But does he really has to be rude? i know im a medical student, maybe he looks down at me. But He also a medical student before. He was as stupid as me. I dont know if he likes to be treated this way. But most people hate it, and i am one of the 'most people'.

ward is a learning environment for medical students and junior doctors. We wont be learining so much if this "not respect" and "your work is your work, mine is mine" attitude continues.

p/s: this is just between docs, belum citer sal nurse lagik..haihh....

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wht that caught my eyes the most-->learining :P