Monday, July 26, 2010

Lesson learned

1. holding anger is like a poison, it kills you from inside.

2. We thought that hating people is a weapon that attack the person who harmed us, but hatred is like a curved blade, the harm that we do, we do to ourselves.

3. life intersects. there is no random act. what you do, will effect the life of the others at different degree of impact.
(mcm pantun pun ada gak)

4. SACRIFICE. you make one. I make one. We all make one. we may get angry over what we had sacrifice. we think of what we lost. But sacrifice, is a part of life. Big sacrifice, little sacrifice. A mother go to work, so that her son can go to school and later improve living quality. A doctor not to be with family during Hari Raya, work in hospital, to save life, so that the other can have more times with their family.

5. be nice to everyone at all time, in return, someone will be nice to you, someone will get to you when you in need.


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