Saturday, April 02, 2011

dont judge people

p/s: before reading this post. please dont feel awkward. this is just a general comment, and nothing specific. this is after doing some thinking (some thinking means i maybe wrong....) feel free to leave your opinion :)

i dont know how to put a nicer title for this post
this all i can come out with
well, i am aware that, there is no way for people to stop judging.
the other name for judging maybe (compare-->thinking-->decide)
which basically happen everyday
for example, you go shopping, and finalize which shoes to buy
you wont get home with any shoes without being judgmental
so, the judging-genes is written in your genome. skills that you acquire as you become mature.

the only way that you can stop judging is to the people.

kalau A and B is having a conflict.
you are close to A, so you sort of know whats happening between them, ONLY based on what A told you lah
you mayB blaming B for this. Apa lah B,benda camni pun bla bla bla ..
walhal baru dengar sebelah pihak, terus buat keputusan

well, this is very typical.
everyone did this.

take any conflict/ fight that recently happen to you OR your friend
ask your self, who is the 'bad' person is this situation? A? or B?
i am sure most of you readers, including me, only hear from one side of the story...then BUMMMM.... jump into conclusion ----> B is the culprit
without realizing B has his words. to stand for himself. (or herself)
this makes your judgement seriously flawed

or maybe A is your best friend. so you dont have any option.
A fight with B. so you have to fight with B as well. seriously???
you are not kids. please be professional.haha


in a nutshell : if anything happen, please, dengaq dua-dua belah nohh, apa depa nak habaq. (teror tak aku cakap penang??... ). kalau gaduh tu, cepat2 lah mintak maaf, slow talk. jangan tarik masam muka. tak tahu lagi bila nak mati, esok2, kang tak sempat nk mintak maaf.

adios amigosa


miss aini said...

mintak maap kalo de buat salah..
satu soklan,knp post ni pukul 3.01pm?
bukan time tu lecture di DK4 ke?
alah lecture patho merangkap cpcils?
xpegi ke?
ponteng ha?

kumbang hitam said...

adeh... post ni aku buat hari sabtu ler. tgk tarikh :)
and bukan aku dok belakang kaw ke time CPcils?hak hak

miss aini said...

oo..dah lama xbukak belog so rasa ko baru meghapdet semalam.aiyoo.malu salah