Saturday, April 02, 2011

Facebook Flaws

haha....its kind of funny you know. People trying to be unique and cool in their social life. especially in facebook, the most living social network ever exist so far. But sometimes, they overdo it.

1) profile name that doesnt sound like a name
contohnya macam,
miemaepenchentaWaneeta, adween ngokngekngokngek, alfahendro maschalorrhe, siegheart durnst.
macam nama orang spain pun ada gak..haha
well, everyone hates to remember parasite/ bacterial names to be so complicated that even lecturer couldnt pronounce it right.
so...for those people with those names, by now you shoud realize that others hate your name. just like we hate Rickettsia tsutsugamushi or maybe Paracoccidiodes brasiliensis.

2) look at the family section in the profile : yang entah apa-apa
they have 4 parents, who happen to be their classmates in standard 5.
they also have 26 brothers and 13 sisters, which includes Priya Chagantipati and Chang Yung-fa
what the heck??

3) Relationship
my cousin is married to her jiran.
but she is just 12 years old.

4) Status
jiwang karat like --> Semua kerana cintamu
emo amok marah bagai like --> andai kw di dpn mata..ku tenyeh2 muka kw..ku pijak2...ku gigit...lalu ku buang ke sungai baong...jgn kw pnggil nama aku..sungguh akn ku biarkan saja kamu d matter what,i'll never forgive you..sakit ati aku...stupid!!

well, again, facebook is a public site. dont put your personal problem into facebook like you want the whole world to know.
if you do so, you were just make everyone feel awkward or maybe they can label you as "the problem one"

5) Like button
status : makan tembikai. sedap!!
adween ngokngekngokngek and 39 others like this

adeyh.. nak jugak semua orang like
padahal status makan tembikai je pown..

Well, there are more to list down all the faulty culture in this social networks. Just to list a few.

adios amigosa


miss aini said...

oke.this want*sebut one* klakars!!

The writer Hakim.. said...

nice post bro... haha... the best/worst bit is, when girls put relationship status with other girls, but if guys do it.. well we just dont.. but some guys do.. hahaha..

but all this makes facebook and life interesting..

Rafidah Farhana said...

nama pelik.status ntah pape.itu jugak yang nak di likenya.

successor or giver said...

haha so true! -naie

Nadhirah Nasir said...

hahahahahahahaha =)..