Saturday, April 02, 2011

final exam MBBS phase 2 part B

the best part of learning is when you can read something beyond the lecture notes and past years AND
studying is more fun when you have A LOT of time to waste, just to stare at the nice and colorful pictures in the book
but when exam is just in 5 weeks time. you become fully exam-oriented where you dont look what you read as a knowledge, but you look them ONLY as an answer to all the possible question that can be asked in the exam
in this time, your adrenaline is at the peak. the clock ticking is the only music you listen to... your thinking is packed with "this topic not revise yet...this one also...and that one too...urghhh"
apart from that,
this are the things that may happen, when you're studying

1. "read : hodgkin lymphoma is a cancer that is curable with low mortality rate. it is classified as classical bla bla bla...ehhh..."

you : this in past year or not??

*belek2 buku past year yg senior buat*

you again : not in past year question... yeahhhhhhh!!!... dont have to remamber...'delete from memory'.."

2. while reading the lecture notes
"urghhhh....woooorrrrdyyyyyy giler lecture note ni...this lecture note must be copy and paste from wikipedia...haha
ayoo lecturer nowadays are so lazy"
*this is not happen in UM, UM lecturer are all excellent. bercemerlanglah bersama UM"

3. read : intracranial haemorrhage is subdivided into intraparenchymal, subarachnoid, epidural, and subdural bla bla bla bla...
ehh... ni bukan aku dah baca last month ke? erm... i guess...
okey, since i had read, let me see what can i recall
you end up staring at the ceiling. you forgot everything.!!!adeehh....
*i know, for most of us, this is super-stressful*

4. beta-thalassemia is because of single-based mutation at the beta globin gene in Chromosome 16.
ehh... buku yang satu lagi cakap chromosome 11?? mana satu betol nii....
kepala dah pening....oooo..pening....aaarr...*pusing kepala horizontal 360"
solution: pretend this topic is not in syllabus
(yeahh...personally i do this sometimes...haha.. but only on the topics that is least important...and please dont try this)

5. while counting your lecture notes and arrange them properly according to systems
A and B are roomate

A : wei ko ada nota STD tak? aku xda doh...
B : jap..aku tengok...mana ntah aku letak...
A : xpa..kalau kau xda xpa.. sama-sama lah kita fail..

*if you do have roomate or friend like A. Buang dia dari tingkat lima belas. boleh??

6. youre flipping through robin pathology textbook. then suddenly you found a piece of paper
YOU : ehh.. nota sapa ni selit dalam buku aku?
renung nota tu lama2
then only you realize. thats your handwriting....

i dont have much of idea now. enough with the 6 lahh.

when youre in secondary school, form 4 is your honeymoon it right??
well, as for me, 2nd year part B is a little bit of honeymoon. i dont know, its true right? (sila cakap : yaaaa betol!!)
p/s: if our patient happen to know what we do in 2nd year, i bet, they rather consult dukun or bomoh for treatment..hahah...

pesanan ringkas dari penaja : if youre just started do your revision. hahhh... i warn you, its a lot. seriously A LOT!! but dont panic, everything will be OK if you do a proper planning - what to cover, when to finish read this and that, is this topic important for exam, if no,.. dont put so much time for that.
as i say, exam is very stressful, your immune system now might be running quite low. so you can get sick very very easily. take a good care of yourself, dont push yourself so hard.
doa banyak2. insyallah, Allah bukakkan jalan, permudahkan segalanya bagi kita. ok?
selamat study kawan-kawan....



successor or giver said...

weh psl thalassemia tu mana 1 betul?Beta kt 11 ke 16?ktrg pon baru bncg td hahaha

kumbang hitam said...

buku robin kata chromosomes 16 :)