Tuesday, September 07, 2010

when silly things done by crazy people

Blauner : Ha! Good one, Simon. So how important is birth order in determining who we are?

Nathaniel : Thats funny. I'm glad you asked me about that. I recently read a study in a major scholarly journal addressed that very subject. 

Siman : what did it say?

Nathaniel : well it was written by a group of extremely qualified scientist and it demonstrated, unequivocally, that younger siblings have a higher tendency toward homosexuality.

Blauner : Whoa.

Nathaniel : The theory states that a woman pregnant with a son often develops immunity against male antigens in her womb. Consequently, when she becomes pregnant with a second son, her immune system may interfere with sexual differentiation in that fetus's developing brain, causing an increase likelihood of homosexuality.

Simon : That's Crazy.

pg 257 from the book BROTHERS 

p/s: i think that scientist is actually a gay. and want to find a scientific reasons behind his homosexuality. Dont you think so?come on haha

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